RESUME (30 points)

Next, you will create a resume . The resume should be submitted to the Assignments dropbox for the Job Search, Resume and Cover letter assignment, as a separate file from Part A above and Part C below.

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  • Resume type: typically use either the functional style or the chronological style (refer to the textbook examples discussed in class).
  • The font size should be no smaller than 11 points and no larger than 12 points for the resume body. Times New Roman is preferred.
  • Your name should be centered, 14-16 points size font, bold and all caps. All resume section headings should be bold and all caps. The resume heading should include your full name, complete mailing address, telephone number and email address3
  • Resume content should start with a summary of qualifications (do not include a career objective). The summary of qualifications sections should connect the applicant’s qualifications to the advertised position and company. This section should be placed above the Education section.
  • Education section appears right after the Summary of Qualifications section, and before other resume sections; it should be formatted properly (spell out your degree(s) and make sure it/they is/are correctly titled, etc.).
  • A Relevant Coursework section should be placed below the Education List three or four courses relevant to the advertised position by course title (complete, correct, and accurate). See Figure 15.11.
  • All employment entries include the position title, name and location of the employer, and dates of employment (e.g., June 2019 – present), followed by a bulleted list of job duties/accomplishments stated in phrases. All job duties/accomplishments are constructed using bulleted lists, starting with an action verb. Duty/accomplishment should be stated in phrases, not complete sentences.
  • Resume content focuses on skills & abilities related to the degree first, then personal qualities, and work/non-work/volunteer experiences. Refer to Chapter 15 for guidelines on resume content and wording.
  • The resume should be carefully proofread so that it is free from all grammatical, spelling, punctuation and proofreading errors.
  • Hard returns should be placed in the resume to separate lines of text; it should NOT be crammed together like this excerpt:





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