Restored Creation

The news of a restored creation is counter to a system of meaning and power that I term technological-therapeutic-military consumerism — a system that in our society unrelentingly offers a total worldview that comprehends all and allows no opening for any alternative. This dominant mode of power and meaning is a way of rendering reality that silences “the news” and voids the One who is the subject of our “news”:

technological — the reduction of life’s choices to technological options in which critical voices of alternative are screened out and eliminated. Thus “techno-speak” can allow no room for the slippery, dramatic Character who is at the core of the church’s news. therapeutic — the assumption that our goal in life is to live a pain-free, stress-free, undisturbed life of convenience. Most television ads are aimed at this elusive and impossible goal, which stands deeply opposed to any news that has a cross at its center. military — the deployment of immense forces, funded by massive resources, to protect an entitled advantage in a world that is committed to an unsustainable standard of living. consumerism — the deep and unexamined assumption that “more” (of whatever) will make us safer and happier, a claim difficult to maintain when one ponders the fact that massive consumerism is matched by pervasive unhappiness and profound insecurity.

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Restored Creation
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