Restorative Justice and Adversarial Systems

Restorative justice is a justice system that promotes reconciliation between the victim of a criminal act, the perpetrator of the criminal act, and the community members. The justice system uses distinctive underlying principles. They include striving to repair the harm caused by a criminal act and making the perpetrators accountable for their actions (Hoyle & Batchelor, 2018). Other vital principles of restorative justice are seeking to reintegrate the different parties who are divided by the criminal acts and instigating measures that strengthen relationships in the community and prevent further.

The principles of restorative justice differ from those of adversarial systems in that restorative principles promote reconciliation between the victim and the offender. In contrast, adversarial systems focus on punishing the perpetrator of a crime for their undesirable actions. Secondly, while the principle of restorative justice purposed to reintegrate the offender into the community by seeking forgiveness from the victim of a crime and the community members, the goal of the adversarial system is to remove the perpetrators of crimes from the community and ensure that they are punished for the negative actions (Oraegbunam, 2019). It ensures that the offenders are penalized for their actions.

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Restorative Justice and Adversarial Systems
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Restorative justice and adversarial systems both have pros and cons. The advantage of restorative justice is that it reduces the chances of individuals engaging in criminal activities in the future. Also, it builds the strength of the community by promoting reconciliation between different individuals (Hoyle & Batchelor, 2018). On the other hand, the disadvantages of restorative justice include that the victims of the crime may be unwilling to reconcile with the perpetrators, reducing the effectiveness of the process. Similarly, adversarial systems also have advantages, including that they allow the victims and the offender to defend their actions (Oraegbunam, 2019). Also, it is a fair system that is just for everyone involved. On the other hand, the disadvantage of the system is that it is a cumbersome process that takes a prolonged duration before justice is served.


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