Research & Summaries Question



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Research & Summaries Question
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In short, this assignment requires you to write a thesis-driven essay that makes an argument answering your research question that cites at least five sources to support your claims and show your thesis’s relationship to the existing conversation on your topic. Essay should be in MLA format as well.

Assignment Objectives.

Complete this assignment by writing an essay that makes an original argument that answers the research question that they have already developed and researched in the previous assignment (which was your Literature Review). Students’ essays should 1) have a thesis statement 2) support the argument presented in the thesis by synthesizing at least six sources (no more than eight sources) that the student has found and evaluated as credible or otherwise worthy of attention; and 3) summarize, paraphrase, and quote from these sources adequately to complete the task.


The simplest explanation of this essay’s purpose is that by completing it, you will write an essay that answers your research question. Ultimately, however, the purpose of this assignment is to enter a scholarly conversation. By applying the skills in research, source evaluation, and synthesis that you have been practicing through the term, you will contribute to an existing conversation by presenting your own original argument. That argument will speak to the exiting conversation by using sources to support your argument (either as evidence, by extending or modifying your sources’ arguments, or by refuting sources’ arguments). The most important thing to remember as you work on this essay is that you cannot simply parrot the information or arguments that you find in your sources. Rather, this essay will be driven by your unique argument answering your research question. Your essay must be a persuasive argument that allows you as a young scholar to enter and contribute to the ongoing conversation on your topic.

Work Cited

will need to parenthetically cite them in your essay. You will also need an MLA works cited page (not included in the 10 pages) which lists both sources. And NO MORE THAN 6 SOURCES.


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