Research Security Policy Frameworks

Part 1: Research Security Policy Frameworks (0/2 completed)

Note: In this part of the lab, you will review internet resources on security policy frameworks to form a basis for their purpose and usage. Understanding the reason behind a security policy framework is key to understanding the component policies and procedures. Please take the time to review the research thoroughly and think through the concepts behind the framework itself.

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Research Security Policy Frameworks
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  1. In      your browser, navigate to
  2. Read      Sections 1-5 of the SANS Policy Development Guide.
  3. Summarize the      Policy Development Guide’s recommendations for organizing a policy      hierarchy and selecting policy topics.

Note: It is important to understand how and why a policy differs from a standard, a procedure, and a guideline. From the top down, the policy should not change or need modification unless a major shift in corporate values or business process occurs. On the contrary, guidelines should be reviewed, and possibly changed, often.

Similarly, even though a policy should be written clearly and concisely, it is a high-level document answering the “why” questions. Standards are also high level, but they answer the “what” questions. Finally, the procedures and guidelines provide the “how.”

Examples of security policy and guideline templates are available from the SANS Institute at

In the next steps, you will learn about COBIT 2019, a popular industry-standard policy framework.

  1. In      your browser, navigate to
  2. Describe the core principles and      objectives of COBIT 2019.



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