Research Design Assignment

Research design assignment


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Research Design Assignment
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PH 30004



Research design assignment




Points              25

Due                   September 10, 2021 end of day


Purpose and description

The purpose of this assignment is to provide you with an opportunity to identify and argue for selection of a basic research design to address a research question of interest.


Course learning outcomes

  1. Communicate the relationships among a study research question, research design, data, measurement, and data analysis (Concepts 3 and 10)


Assignment    This assignment may be completed on a group (2, 3, or 4 people) or

requirements individual basis. If turned in as a group assignment – one group member must upload to Canvas, and all group members names must be on the uploaded document.



  1. Select a research question of You may use a class-identified question or a question of your preference. I suggest you choose a question you would like to use for the remaining related assignments (Data Gathering/analysis plan and Final Research Proposal) but this is not required.
  2. Provide the question and identify what type of research question this is

– is it a question of relationship/correlation/association, a question of curiosity, a question to test your own personal hypothesis or premise, a question that suggests the need for development of a product or innovative process, or something else? If “something else,” please do your best to describe the type of question.


  1. Consider the basic designs identified in class and from the texts on Canvas, and identify one design you might use to frame research about this You can identify more than one if you like. You do not need to identify data type, sampling, or data collection processes.
  2. Briefly describe why you think this is a good design choice. You may use information from the texts or other sources to argue for this choice. Please fully cite any sources Be precise in citations but citation style or formatting is not a graded element of this assignment.



Please address these items on a single document. The document should be no more than 1 page of single spaced or 2 pages of double-spaced text in length. You may write in paragraph form or present your responses to each item, using the numbering shown above.




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