Research Article for a Non-specialist Reader.

You will now write a brief 450-600 word summary

Summarize a science research article for a non-specialist reader. Note that your goal is not to write your popular science blog: in other words, you don’t need to worry about being funny or clever or about including images and hyperlinks. Instead, you are writing a standard, straightforward summary of the research that you found. Consider this almost like you’ve been asked by your advisor to write a standard, summarized report on the methodology and findings of the study.

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Research Article for a Non-specialist Reader.
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Remember that your summary should be at least 450-600 words and should only include the necessary information that your reader needs to understand the study: such as how it was conducted and what the results of the study are. Please post as a Microsoft Word doc. This pure summary assignment is an early step in the larger process to then be able to write a draft of your full popular science blog post next week.

Include a “Works Cited” at the end of the summary.


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