Research Acceptable Use Policies

Part 1: Research Acceptable Use Policies (0/1 completed)

Write a brief summary of the article. In your summary, focus on the need for an AUP and its key elements.

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Research Acceptable Use Policies
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  • The link for the article is here: Cramer, M., & Hayes, G. R. (2010). Acceptable use of technology in schools: Risks, policies, and promises. IEEE Pervasive Computing, 9(3), 37–44.



Part 2: Design an Acceptable Use Policy (0/1 completed)

Design an AUP for this fictional credit union, using the online example of the AUP as a template. Your policy does not need to be exhaustive, but it should outline the key components of an AUP and provide policy statements that address the above requirements. You may want to create your policy using word processing software on your local computer and then copy and paste the text into the deliverable field.

  • Review the example of an AUP on the SANS site:


Part 3: Challenge Exercise

Note: The following exercise is provided to allow independent, unguided work using the skills you learned earlier in this lab – similar to what you would encounter in a real-world situation. For this portion of the lab, you will utilize the AUP that you designed in Part 2. This exercise is designed to challenge your creativity by not providing industry guidelines or clues as provided in Part 2.



  • Select an industry other than banking. For example, you could choose manufacturing, higher education, or utilities.


  • Create a list of unique attributes of the business in your chosen industry.


  • Instead of creating an AUP, write a formal letter to the company’s CEO and board to explain the need for an AUP and your suggestions on the content of that policy.


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