Republics vs Confederacies

Republics vs Confederacies

It is extremely important to understand this difference because Texas joined the Confederated States during the Civil War. Section 349 states the following:

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Republics vs Confederacies
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349. The Constitution differs in but two fundamental particulars from the Articles of Confederation: it gives the Central Government direct power over individuals; and it establishes absolute freedom of exchange between all the states, and leaves the regulation of foreign commerce, which was and is still regarded as a source of revenue, exclusively in the hands of the Federal Government…

Summarize Nordhoff’s description of the powers of the Federal Government under the Articles of Confederation? Contrast that to the powers of the Federal Government under the Constitution. In the quote above, Nordhoff notes that there were two major differences between Federal power under the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution. First, under the Articles, the states set tax rates and collected all the revenue; and second, the states had their own import duties and kept that revenue as well. What would America be like if the Federal government had no right to pass laws which regulated the behavior of individual citizens, as was the case under the Articles of Confederation? The Constitution gave the Federal government the right to keep the revenue from both taxes and import duties. How did this single provision change the balance of powers between the States and the Federal government? Nordhoff also addresses the negative impact on economic growth of allowing one state to charge import duties on the goods from other states? The Constitution eliminated the ability of any state to restrict imports from another state. What impact on American economic growth did this free-trade provision have? Speculate about what Texas would be like economically had America remained a Confederacy–i.e. the other states could tax Texas for the privilege of selling our oil in their state?


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