Reporting the SLR Study

The objective of this step is to answer the research questions raised in the review protocol. For this purpose, this study is divided into three parts. In the first part, we perform a bibliometric analysis to answer RQ1; in the second part, we present the literary review with the most relevant data of the approaches in a concept matrix to answer RQ2; and in the third part, we discuss the trends and gaps to answer RQ3. Section 3 presents in detail the results collected from the activities described in this phase.


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Reporting the SLR Study
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In this section, we answer the research questions via the below activities:

A bibliometric analysis, to gather information about the authors and the publication data, the authors and countries with more contributions in the subject, the impact of the selected studies and how the research has grown throughout time, as well as the journals and conferences proceedings where the studies were published;

A literature review to map the studies according to three key concepts—source, modeling and database—in a concept matrix. In the source concept, we analyze the dataset sources and data types.


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