Repeated-measures Design

Repeated-measures design: A research strategy used to measure the effectiveness of an intervention by comparing two sets of scores (pre and post) from the same sample.

The first step in deciding what kind of t test to use is to figure out whether the samples are independent or dependent. It is sometimes easier to identify dependent designs than independent ones. The biggest clue to look for is a description of the research methods. If the samples were collected by matching individual cases on the basis of similarities between them, or if an intervention was being evaluated by collecting data before and after a particular event, then the samples are dependent and the dependent-samples t test is appropriate. If the methods do not detail a process of matching or of repeated measurement, if all that is said is that two samples were collected or a single sample was divided on the basis of a certain characteristic to form two subsamples, then you are probably dealing with independent samples and should use the independent-samples t test.

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Repeated-measures Design
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