Renal and Urologic System Pharmacology

Good afternoon. Please would you help me with a PowerPoint project? Should be no less than 30 slides without counting the presentation and references. It should be on Friday next week

Renal and Urologic System Pharmacology

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Renal and Urologic System Pharmacology
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· Treatment of Urinary Tract Infections (Adult and Children)

· Treatment of Renal failure (include innovative medication and research)

· Treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease (include innovative medication and research)

– I need to be carried out with the most recent treatment update and in the cases that require them to specify treatments in children and adults

– Teacher asks that the application of Epocrates be included in the bibliography consulted (Point of Care Medical Application: Epocrates. Athenahealth. (n.d.). Retrieved September 24, 2021, from


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