Remote Plan

Your team will need to create a presentation of your remote plan for the executive staff of Speedy Pro. Each member of your team should have a role in the presentation, either audio or video. There are many ways to create this presentation, a voice-over PowerPoint, Zoom, etc. As a group, determine which method you would like to utilize.

Note: Post your presentation along with a transcript if needed. Review the Multimedia Tips page for more information about tools and best practices. If you are using Zoom to record your video, see the instructions for using Zoom that is attached below.

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Remote Plan
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Part I: Post Group Presentation

Your team lead should post your presentation to this discussion board.

Part II: View and Comment on Two Group Presentations 

View at least two other presentations. In your responses to peers, indicate similarities and differences in your team’s presentations and the ones you viewed. Identify the presentations’ strengths, and make recommendations for improvement.


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