Remote Administration Using a Web Interface

Using a web interface to remotely administer an application or a computer has many advantages, but it also has its costs, and some advantages are also disadvantages.

These are some advantages of remote web administration:

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Remote Administration Using a Web Interface
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•  Quick development time Developing a web interface is faster than developing a GUI client, in terms of development, debugging, and deployment.

•  OS support A web interface can be accessed from all the major OSs by using a browser (unless the developers used an OS-specific solution, like ActiveX, which only runs on Windows).

•  Accessibility A web interface can be accessed from any location on the Internet. An administrator can administrate even if he’s not in the office.

•  User learning curve An administrator knows how to use a browser, so the learning curve for the administrator will be shorter.

Although remote web administration has some disadvantages, they are usually not critical for most administrators. However, they should be noted:

•  Accessibility Because web administration is accessible from anywhere on the Internet, it’s also accessible to an attacker who may try to hack it.

•  Browser control Because a browser controls the interface, an attacker doesn’t need to deploy a specific product control GUI (which might be hard to come by).

•  Support Web-based applications are typically easier to support and maintain.


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