Religions Originating in China and Japan

Religions Originating in China and Japan

In this assignment, you will share what you learned about Daoism, Confucianism, and Shinto and how these religions compare with one another.

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Religions Originating in China and Japan
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Complete Parts 1-3 below. As you complete this assignment, consider the presence of these religions in the world today. You may want to conduct an internet search and see where any or all of these religions appear in news, film, arts, etc. Consider the information from your search as well as from classroom resources when working on this assignment.

Note: You may find helpful resources for completing your assignment in the Center for Writing Excellence in the University Library.

Part 1: Religion Characteristics Table

Complete the table to reflect your understanding from your readings and your additional research.

Religion Description of Religion (Basic Teachings) Historical Event(s) Within the Religion Rituals and Holy Days and Symbols Traditions Effects of Religion on Modern Society

Part 2: Reflection

Write a 525- to 700-word overall response in short answers to the following:

  • How would you compare the two major Chinese traditions — Daoism and Confucianism? How did each tradition develop from the early teachings?

Enter your response here.

  • What did you take away from the process of creating your religion characteristics table?

Enter your response here.

  • What did you discover about the connection between the specific religions and morality or ethics?

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Part 3: References

Include a references list. Format your in-text citations (e.g., Adams, 2016, p. 23) and references list (i.e., list of resources at the end of the assignment) using APA format. Consult the References page on the APA Style website for assistance.

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