Religions are discriminatory towards the LGBTQ community

Stereotype History: Importance of the topic based on historical events and current events Realistic yet general example that will bring it closer to the audience maybe Mechanism: How and why is this stereotype perpetuated?You can talk about cultural scripts that get passed down the generations, you can talk about the reference group’s beliefs that tends to present a more singular perspective on the matter.You can talk about how biases are created and how limited experience with groups of different cultural backgrounds than yours can lead people to create heuristics in thinking that can turn into biases/stereotypes.You can talk about how operant and classical conditioning perpetuate the stereotype (through reinforcement, punishment, and association)Your own perspective:Your own struggle with the stereotypeHow does it fit some of the literature—explanation of itYour own experience during the challenge:What did you observe? Provide concise but detailed summary.Please provide some sort of summative assessment, means, frequency of people who chose some answers over other, etc.Did it confirm your stereotype and how?Did it challenge the stereotype that you were holding and how?There is quite a bit more you could talk about here…expected, not expected, epiphanies, learning, etc. Preventive mechanisms:Use the information from the literature in combination with your previous and current challenge experiences to form a short preventive strategy that may help you and possibly other people with a similar stereotype to manage it better.This part needs to offer at least some sort of a literature-based preventative approach.

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Religions are discriminatory towards the LGBTQ community
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