Religion: Pastoral Care Model for Pastors

Working title 10-15 pages overall 25-30 Abstract I. Introduction (Overview of the project) Statement of the problem (1 pg) Background of the problem (1 pg) Research Question(s) List Limitations (1) Delimitations II. Literature Review (3-4 pages) III. Biblical, Theological & Historical Foundation (2-3 pages) IV. Methodology (Qualitative) (Action – Qualitative) (2-4 pgs) Must include Scripture Acts 20:28 with total exegesis of passage under Biblical, Theological and Historical foundation….paper has to have ideas for helping pastors overcome suicidal ideation, help form a support group for pastors, models for independent counseling as well as group counseling…a whole pastoral care model for pastors with corresponding research.

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Religion: Pastoral Care Model for Pastors
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