Religion of Islam

Religion of Islam


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Religion of Islam
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Final Exam

Please answer all of the following questions in complete sentences using material from the

lecture recordings, slides, readings and in-class discussions. DO NOT consult outside sources.

Upload your answers (in Microsoft Word or PDF format) to D2L by Tuesday, December 14th at

3:00PM (AZ Time).


(NOTE: The D2L dropbox for this assignment is enabled with Turnitin plagiarism detection

software. If any part of your final exam is determined to have been plagiarized, you will receive

a zero on the entire exam with no opportunity for a makeup.)


Good luck!


1. Our main theme this semester has been the “unity amid diversity” of Islam. In thinking

about what we covered throughout the entire semester, describe three elements of unity

and three elements of diversity that you have learned about. Be sure to describe each of

the elements (don’t just mention them) and explain how you think each one represents

either the unity or the diversity found in Islam. Also be sure to include a quotation from

the readings to support each of your explanations (at least six quotes total). (40 points)


2. Choose three inspirational Muslim figures that you read about during either half of the

semester. (They can be inspirational for you in particular or inspirational for people more

broadly.) For each of the three figures please provide:

1) basic biographical information

2) what they are famous/known for

3) what makes them inspirational (15 points)


3. Imagine you are producing a YouTube show called “Cultural Mythbusters.” Choose three

“myths” about Islam and/or Muslims today that we discussed during the second half of

the semester and explain why those myths are incorrect. Be sure to include a quotation

from the readings to support your explanations about why each myth is inaccurate

(include at least five quotes). (30 points)


4. Imagine talking a friend who doesn’t know anything about Islam and has never met a

Muslim. Based on what we have covered in the second half of the semester, what do you

think are the five most important elements of Islam, Muslim belief and/or Muslim

practice that you think your friend should know about? Be sure to explain why you chose

each of these three unique elements. (15 points)


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