Religion: Dialogue Paper

Transcribe a 1100–1300 engagement colloquy tract. Writing colloquy tracts is a challenging psychological employment. The cunning is to enact the figures that you keep selected, and transcribe a chat in which they interact to sift-canvass the question that you keep selected. Imagine that this tract is a duplicate of that chat. Be distinguishing to amalgamate this chat to the bearing sequence readings by providing citations, and you are encouraged to constitute expedient interpretation of quotes from the earliest texts as bisect of the colloquy itself (i.e., there is an quantity to which you distinguish precisely what these figures influence assert becainterpretation they wrote it, and you can establish those engagements in their mouths—just referable every the term, and supposing you interpretation extract marks and name them uprightly). And to-boot constitute distinguishing you transcribe this tract naturalized on the scheme cunning.


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