Goal: Establish/maintain civil and supportive behavior


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· Avoid angry outbursts by walking away from stressful situations

· Be free of affairs

· Be able to live together peacefully, free of all angry physical contact

· Learn three ways to communicate verbally when angry

· Explore peer and dating relationships to improve X’s chance of staying safe and legal

· Be able to keep hands to self

· Be able to express anger without yelling and using foul language

· Explore and resolve conflict with ____

· Be able to stick up for self assertively

· Be respectful of parents/don’t talk back

· Get through a whole week without fighting with ____

· Speak in a clear and concise manner so others fully understand him/her

· Be able to play with others peacefully for ____ minutes

· Learn to express feelings verbally without acting out

· Associate with healthy people and continue to make new friends

· Continue to explore relationship issues and slowly see new opportunities for dating

· Figure out why relationships fail and better plan for finding next partner

· Associate with people outside of work and make one or two new friends


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