Reflective Paper: Change Management – Who Cares?

Change Management – The Service Management process responsible for controlling and managing request to effect changes to the IT Infrastructure, or any aspect of IT services, to promote business benefit while minimizing the risk of disruption to services.
Question:  After reading the above paragraph, your paper should answer this:  Who cares?
Your paper should cover the following items:  *

  • Why is Change Management important to an organization?
  • What is the value of change management?
  • What standards exist in the market place?
  • What are some things that can go wrong by not tracking changes introduced to a new system?
  • What type of items should be considered when evaluating the change?
  • How often should changes be introduced in to the “live” environment?
  • Who should approve the changes? (Individuals?  Groups?)
  • You are the CIO and you have to implement a change management process. What would that process be?
  • Include any other information you consider relevant to this topic. (not required but if you find something that you want to share with me….please do!)

*these items can be answered in any order as your reflections may group some of these differently than what I have listed.
WARNING – Do NOT just cut and paste information.  You must include what you think about what you are reading or you will fail this paper.  It is reflective…so please reflect.  Objective – you must convince me that you understand Change Management and its importance. 

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Reflective Paper: Change Management – Who Cares?
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  • This paper should be 3 to 5 pages long – not counting the cover page or reference page.
  • Arial font, 12 point, double spaced, 1” margins
  • 3 references – you may use internet sources for this paper

Example website:  (You may use this as one of your 3.)


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