In general, employee recruitment in other countries is subject to more government regulation

than it is in the United States. Regulations range from those that cover procedures for recruiting

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employees to those that govern the employment of foreign labor or require the employment of the

physically disabled, war veterans, or displaced persons. Many Central American countries, for

example, have stringent regulations about the number of foreigners that can be employed as a

percentage of the total workforce. Virtually all countries have work-permit or visa restrictions

that apply to foreigners. A work permit or work certificate is a document issued by a government

granting authority to a foreign individual to seek employment in that government’s country.

As in the United States, various methods are used to recruit employees from internal and

external sources. In any country, but particularly in the developing countries, a disadvantage of

using current employees as recruiters is that considerations of family, similar social status,

culture, or language are usually more important than qualifications for the vacant position. More

than one manager depending on employees as recruiters has filled a plant with relatives or people


from the same hometown. In small towns much of the recruiting is done by word of mouth. Thus,

having locals involved is critical. Churches, unions, and community groups also play a role.

MNCs tend to use the same kinds of external recruitment sources as are used in their

home countries. While unskilled labor is readily available in the developing countries,

recruitment of skilled workers is more difficult.


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