Recruitment and Selection Aids

In order for recruiters to identify the most appropriate applicant for a position, they need to use a variety of aids. These aids are used to confirm information gained from résumés and application forms as well as material from interviews. This should provide a good insight into each applicant as different perspectives are considered.

The aids should complement each other and collectively give the recruiter a better holistic perspective of each applicant. Each component of recruitment and selection needs to be weighted rather than full reliance on one aspect such as an interview.

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Recruitment and Selection Aids
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An interview and the results of participating in an assessment centre may each be weighted at 40%, with the remaining 20% divided between objective confirmation of past performance (reference checks) and interaction with team members the applicant will work with.

These aids can include any form of testing, trial or probationary period, atten- dance at assessment centres, the use of game theory or any other methods that help to objectively assess the strengths of applicants


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