Based on your critique of your assessments, their results, and the needs of language learners, what goals do you recommend for this student? What accommodations and modifications would you include for their educational and/ or clinical program, if applicable. Differentiate and explain the connection, when applicable, between language needs and diverse learning needs.


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4.1. Annual Academic and Linguistic Goals: 4 points

Based on your interpretation of the test results and with the linguistic as well as social, emotional, and academic needs of the student in mind what goals should this student be working toward during an academic year or therapy duration? Create and explain our rational for a list of goals.


4.2. Accommodations and Modifications: 4 points

a. Provide a list of social and or academic accommodations and modifications as well as rationale for each based on learning and linguistic needs. Be sure to distinguish between the two or how each supports the other, when appropriate.

b. Provide a list and rational of teaching accommodation and modifications to support the student as they work toward his/ her goals as well. These should be ‘must-do’s to support the success of the child.


4.3 Conclusions: 1 point

Restate any essential understandings by your evaluation of this student’s case and test results. What recommendations would you provide others in your field when evaluating bilingual students?


Additional points for Part 4: An additional 1 point is reserved for correct grammar and readability.


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