Reclaiming Health Through Treatment Services

The U.S. health care system is one of the most technology-oriented health care sys-tems on the planet. This is partially driven by the free market mentality that rules America’s economy, which encourages innovations in new technology. As such, the health care system is geared not toward preventive medicine but toward treating ailments. In doing so, health care providers are able to show results that can be billed for. The same advanced technologies that improve treatment also drive up the cost of care.

Problems arise when patients present with physical, social, and psychological symptoms that their treating physicians are not versed in. The American health care system is not well integrated between delivery channels and providers. A general practitioner might miss signs of psychological trouble due to lack of knowledge of that particular type of illness. Additionally, physicians often seek a quick fix (such as inexpensive antibiotics for a sinus infection) and fail to recognize the psychosocial elements of a patient’s life that contribute to risk factors for the illness that occurs (such as a child living in a home with cigarette users). If that child is part of a vulnerable population, such as an abusive family, it is likely that the child will suffer recurrence of the presented illness until the root cause is addressed. If the physician only bothers writing a prescription and sends the family on their way, the child’s health care needs are not appropriately met.

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Reclaiming Health Through Treatment Services
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