Real World essay

Real World

Data collected in a report compiled by the American Institutes for Research in 2003 suggest that young people graduating from college are unprepared for the real world. According to a University sociology professor, “Although it depends on the person, the typical university student graduated from a public high school, came into college inadequately prepared and will end up graduating with marginal skills.” The study found that the “real life” skills students lack are primarily quantitative, citing that many students, sometimes more than three­quarters, are less able than adults to balance a checkbook, to understand credit card offers, and to estimate whether they have enough gas left in their cars to get to a gas station. Based on these results, one might well wonder whether lack of skill in these areas also extends to other skill­sets that are useful in real life: decision­ making, networking, job ­searching, time­ management, and communication. Despite student weaknesses in the areas cited, however, the study also showed that students do have excellent research skills and work well with text­ based information.

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Real World essay
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In a well­-organized essay, answer the following:

Please explain how prepared the typical University student is for the “real world.” When providing your opinion, you might want to consider whether you personally feel ready for real life and what you think “real life” is. Support your ideas with specific examples from your own experiences, from those of others you know, or from what you have observed.

  • Please do not cite from other resources.
  • 1100 words
  • Five-Paragraph Essay
  • Introduction: Thesis and three reasons.
  • Body Paragraph One: Discuss reason number one.
  • Body Paragraph Two: Discuss reason number two.
  • Body Paragraph Three: Discuss reason number three.
  • Conclusion: Summarize.
  • Attach with plagiarizing report.


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