Real-World Case Studies

Real-World Case Studies Each chapter contains numerous real-world examples illustrating how businesses use IT to increase productivity, improve efficiency, enhance communication and collaboration, and gain a competitive edge. Faculty will appreciate a variety of options for reinforcing student learning that include three different types of Case Studies (opening case, video case, and business case), along with interactive figures and whiteboard animations that provide a multimedia overview of each chapter. Interactive Figures and Whiteboard Animations The unique presentation of interactive figures and whiteboard animations facilitates reflection on the textual content of the book and provides a clear path to understanding key concepts. The whiteboard animations fit particularly well with the “flipping the classroom” model and complement additional functionality and assets offered throughout the 11th edition. The interactive figures actively engage the students in their own learning to effectively reinforce concepts. Learning Aids Each chapter contains various learning aids, which include the following:

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Real-World Case Studies
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