Reading Quantitative Research Discussion

For each DQ elaborate within 260-300 words. Use in text citations accordingly. Use scholarly reference(s) along with the one(s) attached as well. Use and cite references using APA 7th Style Guide accordingly. Doctoral level class.


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Reading Quantitative Research Discussion
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DQ 1) What considerations must be given to the selection of a quantitative methodology for a research study? Based on what you know now, which of these considerations do you believe are the most important? Why?



DQ 2) Coughlan et al. (2007) provided a step-by-step guide to critiquing quantitative literature. Using these criteria, critique the article by Casale et al. (2020). What are the important markers to look for when critiquing a quantitative study?





Step-by-Step Guide to Critiquing Research. Part 1: Quantitative Research Read:Coughlan, M., Cronin, P., & Ryan, F. (2007). Step-by-step guide to critiquing research. Part 1: quantitative research. British Journal of Nursing16(11), 658–663.

What Lies Beyond the Superordinate Trait Perfectionism Factors? The Perfectionistic Self-Presentation and Perfectionism Cognitions Inventory Versus the Big Three Perfectionism Scale in Predicting Depression and Social Anxiety

Read: Casale, S., Fioravanti, G., Rugai, L., Flett, G. L., & Hewitt, P. L. (2020). What lies beyond the superordinate trait perfectionism factors? The Perfectionistic Self-Presentation and Perfectionism Cognitions Inventory versus the Big Three Perfectionism Scale in predicting depression and social anxiety. Journal of Personality Assessment102(3), 370-379.

GCU Doctoral Research: The Literature Landscape Read Chapter 4.


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