Reading Assignment “Racial And Ethnic Groups”

Reading Assignment “Racial And Ethnic Groups”

To complete the learning activity you should do the following:

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Reading Assignment “Racial And Ethnic Groups”
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1. Read chapter 11 in Schafer’s “Racial and Ethnic Groups.”

2. Follow the link to watch episode 3 in season one of “30 Days,” titled “Muslims in America.”

3. Based upon the episode, answer the questions below in bold or a different color font.

4. Please refer to syllabus for late activity policies.



Questions (please make room as needed to provide a quality answer):

a. List one things that you found interesting about the episode and explain why.

b. List one thing that you learned that you did not previously know before:

c. Is there anything that you found particularly relevant to the study of minority relations today? Explain!


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