Reading Articles

Reading  Articles

  1. Read: Cohen, M, 2010, ‘H. Marshall’s “Citizenship and Social Class”’, Dissent Magazine, 57(4): 81-85.
  2. Write a half page (A4) summary of Marshall’s argument about why social rights are essential to aid individuals to fully enjoy their political civil rights. Explain Marshall’s reasoning.


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Reading Articles
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  1. Do the following based on the article and on your own reflections:
    1. List some specific individual rights under each of the three headings (Political, Civil and Social). If you are having trouble thinking of specific rights, have a look at one or more of these documents: The UN Declaration of Human Rights (see the 30 articles); The UK Human Rights Act (1998); The American Bill of Rights; The French Declaration of the Rights of Men and Citizens (1789)


  1. Do you agree with TH Marshall that Social Rights are needed in order for citizens to enjoy their political and civil rights fully? Explain why or why not.
  • Find a concrete example of how a lack of material resources or social rights could be said to impact on the ability of an individual to access full political or civil rights


  • Read Lynch, Timothy, J, 2013, The death of Margaret Thatcher and the Legacy of ‘Thatcherism’, The Conversation.
  • Why did Margaret Thatcher believe that the free market and capitalism were essential for liberty?
  • how might the welfare state and state intervention in the economy be viewed as threatening to human freedom?
  • Do you agree with these views? Explain why or why not.


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