Read The Case Study :”The Fusion Electric Company”

Read the case given below  and answer the questions:

The Fusion Electric Company worked day and night to develop a new current regulator designed to cut the electric power consumption in aluminum plants by 35%. They knew that, although the competition was fierce, their regulator could be produced more cheaply, was more reliable, and worked more efficiently than the competitors’ products.

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Read The Case Study :”The Fusion Electric Company”
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The owner Momena, eager to capture the market, personally but somewhat hastily put together a 120-page proposal to the three major aluminum manufacturers, recommending that their regulators be installed at all company plants.

She devoted the first 87 pages of the proposal to the mathematical theory and engineering design behind his new regulator, and the next 32 to descriptions of the new assembly line she planned to set up to produce regulators quickly. Buried in an appendix were the test results that compared her regulator’s performance with present models, and a poorly drawn graph showed how much the dollar savings would be.

Fusion Electric didn’t get the contracts, despite having the best product. Six months later, the company filed for bankruptcy.


Assignment Question(s):


Q1.  What are the major issues of HR in Fusion Electric Company?

Q2. As a customer what would you suggest to the organization?

Q3.  Is the organization working on lines of effective communication or not” Comment




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