Ramada Hotel Report

• Ramada hotel

You must demonstrate the mission statement of the chain with regards to sustainability and environmental stewardship

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Ramada Hotel Report
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• You must demonstrate the process and procedures implemented by the chain to embrace and promote environmental stewardship

Assignment Format

Following this assignment, you will be able to:

• In one page, draw the mission statement of the hotel chain (environmental)

• In one or two pages, describe their procedures and process.

• In one or two pages, describe how interdepartmental processes enhance the program

• In one or two pages, describe how the department forms prevent problems.

• Assignment must have a minimum of 4,000 words. (each member must be assigned to work on one of the criteria on the assignment format)

Your assignment will be graded on:

25%-The quality of the material gathered through research

25%-The appropriateness, organization and ‘real life content’ used for this assignment.

25%-Communicating an in-depth understanding of the assignment.

25%-Submit date.


Assignment must be typed, double space no smaller than 12point font. In Microsoft word.

Assignments received after the second day will not be marked.

Hotel Chains; (Choose one and let me know which chain you are going to use)

2. Ramada

Please adhere to the APA Citation Requirements based on the school website.

It is important to put citations of reference from websites and research material to achieve your desired grade.


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