Racism, both systemic and institutionalized, is profoundly established in the culture of the United States and other parts of the world. Whereas racial profiling relies on visual signals to confirm or speculate on a person’s ethnicity, linguistic profiling relies on aural leads that may comprise ethnic association. Still, it can be equally applied to pinpoint other linguistic smaller groups within a particular lexical group. Baugh’s (1983) early studies on African American Vernacular English (AAVE) was heavily centered on “style-shifting” between African Americans. Baugh noted that most African American grown-ups would alter their talk to meet their current social surroundings during years of fieldwork. (1)

“Linguistic profiling,” or determining an individual’s ethnicity based on the tone of their articulation and using that knowledge to show prejudice based on ethnic background, has been reported in the house lease market. This paper looks at how this happens in the housing sector. According to an examination of matched-paired tests carried out by fair-housing corporations, home insurance brokers can nose out someone one`s race over phone, and this detail influences the services rendered to person who ask about buying a home coverage policy. While adopting “non-standard” or distinct from typical American English accents when enquiring about a property for rent, the property becomes unavailable for no apparent reason. This is due to property owners detecting characteristics of specific languages and linking them with unfavorable racial stereotypes.

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