Race and Indigenous Australia

Critically discuss the evolution of Western theories of “race” and their application to Indigenous Australians. How are such theories challenged by contemporary peoples?
Notes on Research Paper expectations:
The research essay will be on a topic covered in the course. The general aim of an academic essay is to deal analytically with the issues raised by a given question. Your written work must demonstrate an ability to respond to a question by presenting a reasoned argument, discussion or thesis formed after broad critical reading and supported by the use of credible and accurately referenced evidence. Your essay should follow conventional dissertation style. You should begin by clearly introducing your topic and its immediate context and briefly summarising your key ideas. The bulk of the essay should then consist of a logically argued development of your thesis which demonstrates detailed research across a range of media and a capacity to apply that research to the key elements of your essay question. Evaluate the question and your argument in the light of readings beyond those already discussed in class, and use those readings to offer informed, independent and insightful discussion and analysis.

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Race and Indigenous Australia
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