Race and racism in America

Race and Racism in America

Follow the discipline-specific bibliography documentation conventions:

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Race and racism in America
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Include 5 entries.
Write 150- 200-word annotations for each entry.
Follow the same pattern for each entry’s annotation:
o Briefly name and introduce the author(s): title, profession, expertise, and so on (1-
2 sentences).
o Summarize the entry’s thesis/claim and main supporting points (1-4 sentences),
avoiding quotations/citations if possible.
o Explain how this entry relates to your topic/theme, and why you chose this entry
as part of a representative bibliography (2-3 sentences).
o Compare the entry with at least one other entry in the bibliography: list important
points of agreement and disagreement (2-3 sentences).
Find scholarly articles in the sciences (no reviews) in EBSCO or Pubmed.gov related to your course theme. Discuss any questions concerning the Annotated Bibliography, sciences: 5 Sources (CSE format)


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