Pure Pre-oxidation Process

The redox unit of the As(III) – As(V) system is 0.560V, therefore, neither aeration nor the addition of pure oxygen can rapidly and effectively oxidize As(Ⅲ) to As(V), then the addition of chemical oxidant is required. Due to the different redox potentials (see Table 1) and the mechanism of oxidation reaction, the oxidant in various water treatment

Due to the different redox potentials (see Table 1) and oxidation mechanisms, the oxidation degree, and rate of As(III) oxidation are different in water treatment.

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Pure Pre-oxidation Process
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In the range of pH = 6.3 to 8.3, both Cl2 and KMnO4 were able to rapidly oxidize As(III) to As(V) within 40 s. Although the presence of dissolved Mn2+, Fe2+, and sulfides in water and TOC will slow down the oxidation rate, the complete oxidation could be completed within 1 min. O3 indirectly oxidizes As(III) by hydrolysis to produce -OH, so the oxidation rate is very fast. However, the natural organic matter (NOM) in the water can greatly slow down the rate of oxidation by trapping -OH. Therefore, O3 is not suitable for the oxidation of As(III) in heavily organically polluted waters; ClO2 can only limit oxidize As(III); NH2Cl has almost no effect on the oxidation of As(III) [11].


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