Public Relations Writing

Discussion 1

What is the purpose of public relations writing? For this discussion, find  two PR writing examples and one news editorial example. PR writing examples might be a press release announcing a new product release, community relations, or any effort to maintain the organization’s corporate identity. To find press releases and public relations writing examples, search nonprofit, business, and government agency websites and use the guide Public Relations News Research in the UAGC Library (Links to an external site.) . On websites, look for a media center or press releases page. For example, Coca-Cola (Links to an external site.) , the National Council of Nonprofits (Links to an external site.) , and the U.S. Department of State (Links to an external site.) all have press release pages on their websites. Search online to find editorial examples, preferably from the same organization.

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Public Relations Writing
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In an initial post of 150 to 200 words, describe the purpose for each organization and answer the following:


· What is the purpose of public relations writing?

Seitel (2015) states Public relations writing is promotional writing; its objective is to promote action. It is this ability to write persuasively—to drive publics to act—that lies at the heart of all public relations work.

For the organizations selected: T-Mobile

· What are the differences between PR writing examples and news editorial examples?

· How does each speak to their stakeholders differently?

· Why is the message good or mediocre public relations writing? Explain.

· What improvement suggestions do you have?


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