Public Lands Management

EVSP331 – Public Lands Management – Final Assessment Week 8

Question 1. Discuss and compare the management strategies of the USFWS, highlighting the National Wildlife Refuge System. (20 points)

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Public Lands Management
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Question 2. Summarize the USFWS approach to planning in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Do you agree or disagree with this approach? Why? (20 points)


Question 3. Explain how the Forest Reserves Act and the 1897 Organic Act have resulted in the National Park system we have today. Include a brief historical development timeline of US National Parks. (20 points)


Question 4. Summarize how the National Park System has addressed the issue of “social carrying capacity.” (20 points)


Question 5. Explain how the National Park Service employs multiple-use strategies in balancing preservation goals and resource use/visitor use. (20 points)


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