Public Health Policy and Decision Making

An important tool for public health practitioners to influence public opinion is the OpEd, a persuasive and informative opinion piece that is published in newspapers/media sources.Create an OpEd piece answering the questions below. Be sure to answer the questions thoroughly using thetextbook,the lecture,and other materials as appropriate. Also review the following documents in the module folder,How To WriteOpEd and Argument-The-Writing-Center,for information on OpEds.


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Public Health Policy and Decision Making
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Position for consideration:In your view,do people have the right to health insurance coverage?Why or why not?Take a position either for or against.Be sure that your ration includes relevant healthpolicies/laws to support your position,such as the Patient Protection and Affordable CareAct,“Obamacare”.Take either position you like, as it will only be read and evaluated by the instructor.


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