Public Health Essay Assignment

Public Health Essay Assignment. This essay is designed to provide an opportunity for you to attach the new concepts and constructs you’ve learning in this course to your own beliefs and experiences. In an essay format (no bullet points or incomplete sentences), write a maximum of five (5) pages (double spaced, 12 point font) addressing the following:

1. Identification of one personal health behavior that you either practice, or would like to change (i.e., exercise, smoking, alcohol consumption, regular dental visits, regular physical checkups, stress reduction practices, etc.).

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Public Health Essay Assignment
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2. Explain the role you believe that the larger “causes of the causes (social determinants)” have in shaping that behavior?

3. Explain the role that community level constructs you’ve learned about in this course have on that behavior?

4. Explain the role that individual level constructs you’ve learned about in this course have on that behavior?

5. Discuss which constructs and levels of influence you believe had/have the strongest effect on your selected health behavior.

6. Given your “analysis” of your own health behavior, what intervention might help you maintain or change your selected behavior?

these are some of the Theory
1 Self efficacy theory-theoretical construct
Health Belief Theory
3 Attribution theory
Transtheoretical model
4 Social cognitive theory
5 diffusion of innovation theory
6 Ecological model
7 social capital theory
Using any of these theory and model to explain answer the question in the Essay paper


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