Public/Community Health Clinical Experience

Demonstrating the student’s ability to effectively collaborate with nursing leaders and
community health nurses for the upcoming public/community health clinical experience, while
using leadership skills as a means to prepare for the upcoming NURS 450 clinical experience,
the student will submit a NURS 450 Public/Community Health Clinical Experience Proposal by
Prior to October 10th, the student will be responsible for contacting potential BSN
preceptor/public/community health clinical sites for their upcoming NURS 450 Clinical
Public/Community Health Clinical Experience course. Within this module, the student will find a
list of potential clinical sites that have been used by previous nursing students. This is not an allinclusive list but does give the student an idea of previous clinical sites that have been used. The
student’s clinical site does not need to be included in this list, as other public/community health
clinical sites can be arranged as well.
The clinical site must offer community/population-based services, with the primary preceptor
being a BSN prepared nurse working in a clinical setting providing community or populationbased care, while using nurse leadership skills. The student will spend 75 hours with a BSN
prepared nurse acting as a preceptor in the clinical site during the NURS 450 course.
The following information may be used as the student contacts potential clinical sites:
• Student needs a BSN prepared nurse to be a preceptor for 75 hours
• Student has no specific project that needs to be completed during the 75 hours
• Student desires to be integrated into community/public health role
• Student is already an associate degree RN with an active license
• Student would like this opportunity to mature into BSN prepared nurse role
• Student role will expand beyond shadowing to help the preceptor with any projects as
Once the student has contacted clinical sites and has a clinical site willing to serve their needs,
they will complete the Clinical Experience Proposal paper. This assignment should be a brief
(suggested length being 1-2 pages) paper outlining the student’s proposed NURS 450
Public/Community Health Clinical Experience, following the grading rubric included in the
NURS 410 syllabus, and found at the end of this document.
The paper will describe the clinical site, including location and demographics of the location and
population served. This will allow the student to appraise their upcoming clinical site.
Updated 7-30-21
The paper will also include a description of the appropriateness of the clinical site to the student
looking for a site with a community/population health focus, as well as application to
professional nursing practice. This will allow the student to appraise the focus of
community/population health nursing in this clinical setting and how professional nurses practice
in this setting.
The paper will include a description of the role of the proposed BSN preceptor as a nurse/nurse
leader in this setting.
Lastly, the paper will include a description of the value of the nursing student having the
opportunity to have this experience with a BSN prepared nurse preceptor in general, and
specifically with the proposed preceptor, while integrating public health nursing standards of
The assignment is worth a significant number of points for this course. The leadership skills used
by the student prior to create this NURS 450 Public/Community Health Clinical Experience
Proposal assignment is a large part of this assignment. The student’s use of leadership skills to
contact potential preceptor sites, locating and arranging a clinical site is key to this assignment.
Please contact the instructor with any questions or concerns you have about contacting preceptor
Assignment Submission: Submit assignment in the NURS 450 Public/Community Health
Clinical Experience Proposal Assignment Dropbox (70 points).

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