Psychophysical Theorists

The field of psychophysics suggests that individual perception is formed by the combination of senses and the phenomenological experience of interpreting incoming data. One of the first psychophysicists was Ernst H. Weber. Weber’s primary area of interest was touch perception. In a moment of insight regarding Weber’s theories, another psychophysicist, Gustav T. Fechner, was able to expand on these ideas and advance the study of psychophysics.

For this Discussion, review the Learning Resources on psychophysical theorists. Consider the work of Weber and Fechner and how these theorists built on each other’s views on the process of perception.

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Psychophysical Theorists
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An explanation of the implications of the psychophysicists’ revelations regarding the process of perception and the ability to measure perception in the discipline of psychology. Specifically, explain how theories such as Fechner’s Law influenced the development of experimental psychology.


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