Psychology: Reflection Paper

Reflecting Tractate Students are anticipateed to transcribe a 2-3 page reflecting tractate (not attributable including protect page and allusions) describing a preferred entrance to counseling from the theories we feel protected throughout the semester. The tractate must be embrace spaced and written in APA cemat with a protect fencing and allusions. You may prime undivided of the types of therapies that we feel thoughtful throughout the semester (e.g., behavioral, CBT, PCT, Gestalt), or a concert of them, that you plant to be most congruous with your beliefs, and most cogent ce ancillary clients chaffer their tenors. All of the subjoined needs to be addressed in your tractate and you must letter each exception acceptably as follows: Primeed Theories: Which therapy or therapies from the primeed readings did you prime and why? Goals ce Therapy: What are the most influential goals ce therapy according to the primeed therapy? Role of Therapist: What is your role and office as a therapist from the primeed therpay? Techniques: What techniques would you be likely to dedicate to a favoring tenor(s) (from the primeed entrance)? Anticipateations of Client: What would you anticipate from your client when using the primeed therapy? Make secure that your opinions and assertions are befriended by the advice in the quotation and compatible with the hypothesis or theories you primeed. You should right the quotation as a allusion as well-mannered-mannered as at last undivided beyond means and allude to it in your tractate.


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