Psychological disorders: schizophrenia

1. Your readings this week focus on one of the most fascinating categories of psychological disorders: schizophrenia. While straight-forward in many ways, this diagnosis is markedly influenced by multicultural factors and plagued with diagnostic problems. In your post this week, using the readings as a platform but doing your own library research as needed, discuss some of the multicultural components relevant to this condition and some of the diagnostic issues also at play.

2. Your readings this week focus on disorders of the mind and body, including eating disorders and substance-related disorders. In your post this week, discuss why that characterization may be both accurate and inaccurate. In addition, choosing any two of the specific disorders( Dyspareunia and Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder) covered in the readings this week – but with some additional cited research – make some points of comparison and contrast. Be sure to discuss cultural and gender factors which may be relevant to an understanding of these disorders

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Psychological disorders: schizophrenia
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