Psychological and Emotional Need to Reconcile

1. The author suggests that humans, deep down, feel a bit guilty about eating living things and often have a psychological and emotional need to reconcile it. According to her, is this something that humanity has always experienced, or is it a more modern dilemma simply brought on by the cruelty of our particular system? Explain in a couple sentences.

2.At the start of chapter 2, the writer asks you to consider the words you associate with dogs and the words you associate with pigs. She then asks you to reflect on how they are different. What is the primary point of this thought experiment? Explain in 3-5 sentences.

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Psychological and Emotional Need to Reconcile
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3. The author claims that human beings tend to (intentionally or unintentionally) push away upsetting thoughts and disconnect from certain ideas that might cause us psychological or emotional discomfort. The term used to describe this phenomenon is _____________________. (fill in the blank).

4. The writer ultimately concludes that it is highly unlikely that all of humanity will ever be fully vegan.

T or F


The writer suggests that one reason we are able to eat meat is because the animal we are eating– a cow for instance– is ultimately ___________ to us.




Dnot interesting

Enot valuable

6.Which of these statements is true?

AThe author claims that people’s taste preferences are about half intrinsic/original and half decided by the culture.

BThe author suggests that science has not yet proven where our taste preferences come from.

CThe author says that most people’s taste preferences are a matter of culture, and we typically like what we are told to like.

DThe author says that most of people’s taste preferences are intrinsic and original.

ENone of these are true.

7______________ is the term (one word) the author uses to describe the overall practice of (and belief that it is permissible) eating and using animals. She juxtaposes this word with veganism. Fill in the blank.


In chapter 1, the author forces the reader to consider why we are horrified by eating dogs but not horrified by eating pigs. This notion that some animals are inherently more valuable or superior than others is ____________ (fill in the blank; one word).


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