Proposal of New Shopping Mall in your community

You are invited to a public meeting at the City Hall where you learn that a developer has announced his plans to build a large shopping mall on the outskirts of your city in what is now prime farmland. According to this developer, many jobs will be created by the construction. However, you may know that similar situations have happened multiple times all over the country during the past 20 years.


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Proposal of New Shopping Mall in your community
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The proposed mall will include stores and three theaters. Presently, your city has some unemployment, only one theater in the downtown area, and little variety in its retail businesses. On the surface, the proposed mall seems to be only good news. Is this the case? You look at some of the following questions to understand the entire situation.


  • What will happen to the downtown area when the mall is opened?
  • If you own a business, would you favor building the mall?
  • What happens to the taxes on the farm?
  • If you were a farmer, would you favor the project?
  • How will storm water runoff be affected as a result of the large asphalt paved parking areas?
  • What other problems, if any, can be associated with building the complex?
  • If you were the mayor or city manager, would you favor construction of the mall? Why? Or, why not?
  • Is the proposed project overall good news?

As a concerned citizen you decide to write an opinion column about the proposal of constructing this New Shopping Mall in your local Newspaper. I would like you to think and write 2-3 paragraphs on the positive and negative impacts of this development. Then make a case whether it should be allowed. Give the perspectives of the mayor/city manager, small business owner and farmer before making a final decision about this proposal. State your reasons clearly.





Evaluation Criteria:


  • Grammar
  • Discussion of pro and cons of the development on the community
  • Rationale behind your decision


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