Proposal For a Case Study Presentation

Proposal For a Case Study Presentation

Based on REPORT,  submit a 1 to 2 page proposal for your case study presentation. Your options include, but are not limited to: A live presentation (15 to 20 min plus Q & A), a pre-recorded presentation, a class lesson or activity (length varying depending on nature of lesson or activity), an academic poster, info graphic/dashboard, dedicated website, a professional report such as policy proposal. Regardless of the mode of delivery, you will provide a summary to the class and participate in a Q&A session.

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Proposal For a Case Study Presentation
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The proposal is brief but should include the following headings:

  • Problem statement
  • Background & evidence
  • Policy solutions or alternatives
  • Audience or Stakeholders
  • Proposed mode of delivery (presentation type) & Rationale for mode of delivery
  • Citations



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