Promotion and Social Responsibility

Promotion and Social Responsibility—Chapters 19-23

Q1. Discuss the integrated marketing communication (IMC) mix components used to promote the product. (Ch. 19)

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Promotion and Social Responsibility
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Q2. Discuss the firm’s advertising objective and its advertising media mix (broadcast, print, electronic). (Ch. 20)

Q3. Discuss the Internet marketing possibilities and use of social media in the marketing of the product/service. (Ch. 21)

Q4. Explain the role of personal selling in the marketing of the product/service. How are sales representatives are selected, trained and evaluated? Ch. 22)

Q5. Explain the firm’s efforts at social responsibility, and how it could be more socially responsible. (Ch. 23)

You will be discussing Forever 21 as the product

Must be at least 750 words, has to incorporate the Bible, and cite at least 2 scholarly articles


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