Project Presentation

Learning Goal:¬†I’m working on a PowerPoint presentation and need guidance to help me learn.

I have a Project Presentation that requires a length from 3 to 5 minutes. My goal is to present from 4 to 4:45 minutes. Unfortunately, I’m a detailed person, so it seems challenging to do the presentation in the mandatory time.

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Project Presentation
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I have done the presentation, your job is to brief my work and choose concise, clear, and best words to use. Also, could you please help me write a script that I would like to present?

Basically, you will edit my present presentation slides and make a script for me to present in 4 to 4:45 minutes.!AvePTW5QOmkna2vAjd-jLUYG50Q This is my PowerPoints link.


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