Project Management Simulation

Project Management Simulation

Review the description of the two simulation options in the Module 8 folder. This week, complete Scenario B.

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Project Management Simulation
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Part 1: Perform the simulation multiple times and try changing input parameters to obtain a better score and complete the scenario with better results. In doing so, you will benefit from running the sessions using different options and trying different action items to experience various project challenges. After completing the simulation session, save a screen shot of the confirmation page showing your total score.


Part 2: Write a two- to three-page paper describing the scenario you completed, the intent of the simulation, and your lessons learned. Identify a minimum of four what-if assessments that resulted in obtaining a better score and completing the scenario with better results. Use scholarly resources to support your findings.

Be sure to organize your writing properly and include the following:

Cover page
Body of your work with headings and subheadings
Analysis and recommendations
List of references
Appendix A – Screen shot of confirmation page showing your best simulation score.


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